Introduction, Self promotion and social media links HERE

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Introduction, Self promotion and social media links HERE

Post by Bilou Miaou on Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:34 pm

I think, it'll will be nice to have a space, where you can introduce your links.  Like twitter, facebook, You tube, webcomic,  etc. I don't know all the social media netwrok, there is.  But feel free to put them HERE and only HERE.  
For example: Here's some of mines:

twitter My son introduce me last spring.  I Love it and he regret it! lol!

Devianart Been there since 10 years now. Smile


Furaffinity Nice website, but login is hard, since they have been hack. I will succeed and update it someday!

That's all i can think of...  Smile please visit me!
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